The story of the youngest land

Away from hustle and bustle of the city, at the end of your trip on the calm waters of the river, you’ll find a settlement guarded by the waters, where the Danube embraces the Black Sea.


Sfântu Gheorghe is an old fishermen’s village, covering the left side of the oldest Danube branch, close to the point where it flows into the Black Sea.

When arriving on this secluded land, the traveller discovers the only settlement on the Danube Delta where both the Danube and the Black Sea are visible to the naked eye.

The Black Sea created a beach with the smoothest shell sand. Last but not least, the traveller will discover here a settlement with sand paths guarded by small houses, under shades of vine and surrounded by colourful gardens with flowers and reed.

The locals are of Ukrainian origin, old-rite Orthodox Christians, bearing the name “hahols”. The name comes from “hohol” a patch of hair shaven from the top of the head, like the Golden Horde Huns.

  • Sfântu Gheorghe > harbour-settlement
  • Accessible exclusively through the river, from the Tulcea harbour, the Mahmudia harbour and the Murighiol harbour.
  • Population > approximately 358 households and 971 inhabitants.
  • Average annual temperature > 110C
  • Document attestation in the 15th century – it appears on the map of Genovese man Visconti, under the name “San Giogio”
  • The Sfântu Gheorghe Branch is the oldest branch of the Danube, with a length of 112 km.
  • The main occupations are fishing and reed cropping – the locals use reed to build houses and fences.
  • From the economic standpoint, Sfântu Gheorghe is important because it is the greatest source of reed in the country.

A place where time stood still, Sfântu Gheorghe is the last settlement on the Danube’s path to the sea, a place which reveals itself slowly but surely – our photographs are a small step, helping you form an image of the Sfântu Gheorghe village, this place with a wonderful personality, waiting for you to meet it.

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