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The time spent at the Green Village Resort can become one of the most memorable moments of your vacation. Take your time to enjoy all the activities we have prepared – trips in the area of the Danube Delta, bicycle rides, treasure hunts in the Sfântu Gheorghe, the village, and many others.

We organize football and beach volleyball championships, so team up and start training.

We recommend that you take a trip on the chain of lakes and channels surrounding the Green Village Resort, in search for the most beautiful bird, and show us the beautiful the beautiful shots you’ve captured.

You can go fishing on the edge of the resort or you can rent kayaks and start your adventure with your friends. Whatever you choose, you can find all the equipment you need at the reception desk.

Discover Experiences
They are spread throughout the resort in order to give you something to do in any area you might be. The many activities will leave you wanting to explore every corner, so start planning you stay.
Renting Bicycles
At Green Village Resort you can find sport and adventure, the secret is to be curious.
More than just a sport, fishing in the delta helps you assimilate the natural environment and clear your mind of the day-to-day worries.
Cooking classes
and wine tasting
The Danube Delta is a special realm and we do our best to share its traditions, including its culinary traditions, every day.
Football and beach volleyball
Take a deep breath and serve into the other team’s court and score a point for your team. Wonderful!
Target archery
Guests passionate about target archery can follow their passion at the Green Village Resort. We have prepared the space with all the protection measures required.
We have a large and spacious pool, so we thought we could add aqua gym classes, held by a specialized trainer.
Yoga on the Lake
Green Village Resort is becoming well-known as a well-being centre, particularly thanks to the wellness retreat events organized here.
Beach jogging and gymnastics
Wake up early in the morning and head for the beach at sunrise – the energy of the sun beams will fill you up with cheerfulness for the entire day.
Nowhere in Europe will you find such diversity of rare birds. They’ve all come to the Danube Delta, the sunniest area in Romania.
The wild lands of the Delta still hold secrets even for the locals. Get your camera, a bottle of water and start your adventure.
Renting Kayaks
For the adventurous ones we have prepared kayaks that you can rent - navigate the channels in search of mysteries.
Trips + Routes

We know the Delta well enough to recommend you enjoy a trip in our boats to places familiar only to the locals.

Our itinerary also includes already famous spots, such as the Sacalin Island, with the colony of pelicans, the Letea Forest or the Erenciuc Channel, with the only reservation of black alder in Europe.

  • Boat trip to the point where the Danube flows into the Black Sea
  • Trip on Gârla Turcească
  • Trip to Sulina - Coastal strip
  • Trip on the channels to Sulina
  • Trip to Letea Forest
  • Trip to Gura Portiței
  • Trip to Caraorman
  • Boat trip to the point where the Danube flows into the Black Sea

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – Gârla Turcească - the point where the Danube flows into the Black Sea – visit to the old fishery – Return

Duration1 h
Minimum2 people
  • Trip on Gârla Turcească

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – Gârla Turcească – Flămând Channel – Melea Lake – Return.

Duration2 h
Minimum2 people
  • Trip to Sulina - Coastal strip

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – Tătaru Lake – coastal strip – Gârla Împuțita – Bursurca Channel – Sulina – Return.

Duration2 h 30 min
Minimum2 people
  • Trip on the channels to Sulina

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – Erenciuc Lake – Mocansa Channel – Puiu Lake – Roșu Lake – Roșuleț Fishery – Gârla Împuțita – Roșu Channel – Bursurca Channel – Sulina – Return on the coastal strip.

Duration4-6 h
Minimum3 people
  • Trip to Letea Forest

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – Tătaru Lake – coastal strip – Gârla Împuțita –Bursurca Channel – Sulina – Letea – C.A. Rosetti – Letea Forest – Return.

Duration6 h
Minimum3 people
  • Trip to Gura Portiței

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – coastal strip – Gura Portiței – Return on the Ciotic Zatoane Channel – Ciotica Channel.

Duration3 h
Minimum4 people
  • Trip to Caraorman

Sfântu Gheorghe Branch – Erenciuc Lake – Mocansca Channel – Transfer through the Caraorman Forest – Return with stop at the bird sanctuary.

Duration6 h
Minimum4 people

Your first visit to GreenVillage can start right here by going to the virtual tour.

Discover the main areas, the restaurant, the brasserie, the pool and the SPA!

Photo Gallery
The flights of pelicans, aigrettes or seagulls, a decisive volleyball serve or a glass of rare wine, perfectly matched with a gourmet meal – have a look at the snapshots of these moments and book your room at the Green Village Resort, as soon as possible.
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