Your memorable holiday

Of course, you can tailor your vacation based on your personal taste and necessities, but we encourage you to also check out the packages we have designed for you – you might find your ideal vacation!

For the young or the experienced ones, including trips or free drinks, the special offers below are waiting for their clients.

3rd Edition

37 € / 2 person / night

Nature and peace joined hands in the deltaic paradise – here is your dream vacation.

146 € / 3 nights / person

Let’s party in a traditional way!

163 € / 3 nights / person

Green Village Resort provides the perfect teambuilding, from archery to field trips

179 € / 2 nights / person

Fairy nights under the starry sky

228 € / 3 nights / person

Register to the yoga retreat in the most authentic natural setting

239 € / person / packet

A party with the Dobrogean touch

335 € / 3 nights / person

Green Village Resort invites you to spend the sweetest honeymoon, with us.

590 € / 4 nights / couple

Your first visit to GreenVillage can start right here by going to the virtual tour.

Discover the main areas, the restaurant, the brasserie, the pool and the SPA!