The ideal place for seminars or work meetings

Green Village Resort is not just an exotic resort on the mysterious Danube Delta – it is also the place where your company can find the facilities to turn its event in a legendary event.

No matter how you want to communicate with the team, we provide flexible and protected spaces, and we are also the helping hand you need.

Săli interioare
Sala 1 > 120 locuri
Sala 2 > 60 locuri
Sala 3 > 40 locuri
Săli exterioare
3 Foișoare
24 > 30 locuri, în funcție de amenajare
15 > 20 locuri, în funcție de amenajare
Sonorizare, Flipchart, Video proiector, Wi-Fi, Ecran proiecție
Turnuri Egreta și Pelicanul
16 > 50 locuri, în funcție de amenajare

Your first visit to GreenVillage can start right here by going to the virtual tour.

Discover the main areas, the restaurant, the brasserie, the pool and the SPA!


We managed to borrow a few photographs from the teams which visited us – they really enjoyed their time spent here and the promised to come back. Have a look, convince yourself and contact our colleagues from the Booking Department to let them know you are coming!

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Your safety and our employees is important for us, and we want to inform you about the

hygiene measures that we have adopted, as recommended by OMS

Best Green & Eco-friendly
Location, locul I
Destinația Anului 2023
Resort-uri, locul I
TopHotel Awards 2022
Best Resort, locul II
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