General rates
/ night / room
Seasonality  Meal  Double Lebăda și Pelicanul Double Stârcul Alb Double Egreta Triple Lebăda și Pelicanul Triple Egreta Apart. 2 RoomsLebăda și Pelicanul Apart. 2 RoomsStârcul Alb Apart. 3 RoomsStârcul Alb
10.08-15.08.2020 Breakfast + Dinner 155 145 145 200 190 165 155 320
Breakfast + Dinner 145 135 135 190 180 155 145 300
Breakfast 94 84 84 121 111 104 94 198
01.05-31.05.2020 Breakfast 74 64 64 101 91 84 74 158
Breakfast 69 59 59 96 86 79 69 148
02.11-31.12.2020 Breakfast 60 50 50 87 77 70 60 130
The double room is a matrimonial or twin room. The 1-bedroom apartment is formed of a double room on the top floor and a living room on the ground floor.
The 2-bedroom apartment is formed of 2 double rooms on the top floor and a living room on the ground floor.
The living room in the apartments is provided with a cane couch. It is NOT an extensible couch.
The rate difference results from the distance from Stârcul Alb/Egreta to the Lebăda and Pelicanul Area, where the reception desk, Waterlily Restaurant, Cinema Paradiso, Turtle Kids Club and Lotus Spa are located. All the accommodation spaces have the same facilities.
• The rates of the vacation packages include: VAT, the specified meals, access to Cinema Paradiso, Lotus Spa and Turtle Kids Club.
• The rates are expressed in EUR and they will be invoiced in their RON value, according to the NBR exchange rate.
• The rates of the vacation packages do not include the access tax for the Danube Delta. The access tax for the Danube Delta is RON 5/person/day, RON 15/person/week or RON 30/person/year.
• The access tax does not apply to children, students, senior citizens, war veterans, former political prisoners or inheritors of martyrs and people wounded in the December 1989 Revolution.
• The access permits for the Reservation can be purchased from the Green Village Resort reception desk, the headquarters of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (D.D.B.R.A.), the info points or they can be paid by postal order or bank transfer to the D.D.B.R.A. account RO56TREZ6415003xxx003884, open at the Tulcea Treasury, beneficiary: D.D.B.R.A. Tulcea, Tax code: 3722040, with the mentioning “access tax for people and (person name)”.

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