We continue our endeavour to capture shots as relevant as possible – we bring in several professional photographers and we let them get filled with inspiration.

So far, there have been no unpleasant surprises – our talented friends loved the resort, Sfântu Gheorghe and the Danube Delta, and their photographs and video materials bear witness to their attachment.

No matter how vast the selection is, the best we can do to show the world the uniqueness of the Delta is to invite everyone: "Come to the Danube Delta!" .

The Green Village Resort has the experience to help you understand, fall in love with and return to this fairy-tale realm.

Here you can find all the pictures from within and around the resort. Browse through them and you will get a glimpse of the little resort at the edge of the world.
We were mentioning above some of our friends, who are passionate about photography, video and the Danube Delta. You can find their description below, as they are part of our Green Village Resort team now.
Anca Dușe
Advertising & Content Manager,
Eurolines Group
Mihaela Marin
Professional Photographer
Andrei Ionuț
Professional Photographer and Video Editor
Ionuț Dobre
Professional Photographer
Sabina Juncu
Digital Marketing Manager, Hublo
Unith2b Architects
Architecture Studio and Branding
National Authority for Tourism
Adrian Câtu
Visual Anthropology and Documentary Photography
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