There are places that an explorer must reach at least once in his life. Places that are home to cultures different from the familiar. Places where nature is spectacular, and diversity has left its mark not only on habits, but also on life.

You will find such a place in the Danube Delta, in Sfântu Gheorghe, where the youngest land in Europe awaits you. Thanks to the permanent deposits of alluvium, the village is constantly changing and grows annually by about 40 centimeters. This means that you can take the first steps on lands that no one has stepped on before, just like a true Explorer!

The most special place in Sfântu Gheorghe is Green Village 4 * Resort. Here you will be able to fully enjoy nature and you will be able to explore not only the village and the longest and most beautiful wild beach that the Romanian coast has, but also the Delta with all its richness: canals full of reeds, plants, birds and fish.

The younger the land of the Danube Delta, the older its history is. The area has been inhabited for at least 7,000 years and today represents the most cosmopolite geographical unit in the world - along with Romanians, live 21 other nationalities, of which the best represented are Russians - Lipovans, Ukrainians, Turks, and Tatars.

In Sfântu Gheorghe, the inhabitants are of Ukrainian origin, Orthodox of the old rite and are called "haholi".

The Danube Delta is the best-preserved delta in the world and the second-largest in Europe. It has the largest area of reeds in the world and is the largest wetland reservation in Europe. And these are just a few of the many things you can discover and explore here.

Green Village 4* Resort

Let’s go beyond imagination and what eyes can see, where an untouched world awaits. Come to the place where hikes turn into explorations, and the experiences stay with you for a lifetime. Explore the most unique place you could ever be in, where the Danube embraces the Black Sea. We’re waiting for you at Green Village Resort, a place far from everything but close to home. Be more of an explorer, and less of a tourist!

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