Positioned in the immediate vicinity of the arrival deck, the Egreta Area is quiet. Villas 1 and 2 with double rooms and penthouses are located here – a few relaxation facilities such as a Jacuzzi, Welcome Lounge or Bayside Fitness and sometimes a cat are waiting for you here.

Facilities of the Area

Even though the Egreta Area is the most intimate area of the resort, there are a few special facilities for you to enjoy a great vacation. Whether you are accommodated here or in another area of the resort, pamper yourself with the surprises prepared by us, in the unique vibe of the Egreta Area!

Your little oasis of relaxation, right below your window room. The Jacuzzi also has a wooden deck for chaise lounges, which is welcoming for the entire family.
Welcome Lounge
Due to its position near the deck, you can enjoy the gazebo created by us for a bit of relaxation before the check-in.
River Bar
There is a River Bar next to the Welcome Lounge, a wooden structure that can host a small welcome reception!
Bayside Fitness
The natural environment of the Danube Delta invites you to enjoy some exercise – there is a fitness centre in the Green Village Resort, which will help you get energized for all our activities.

Your first visit to GreenVillage can start right here by going to the virtual tour.

Discover the main areas, the restaurant, the brasserie, the pool and the SPA!


We took a few photos to help you picture the Egreta Area. We hope we captured the area’s personality, to make it easy for you to choose where you will spend your vacation in the Green Village Resort.

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