Our clients comfort is essential for the Green Village Resort – the double room meets the highest accommodation standards for a Danube Delta exotic resort. We consider that the atmosphere and general feeling of tranquillity created by the finishes, decorations and hygiene will turn your mornings into moments of wellbeing.

The Green Village experience should mean relaxation, emotional recharge, but also a peaceful sleep.

Our buildings are built in harmony with nature and the specificity of the place, in accordance with the international standards specific to this type of resort, and the materials used are environmentally friendly and can propagate the ambient noise between the rooms. We would like to share with you that it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the activities that could disturb your own state of relaxation or the peace and quiet of your neighbours.

Room Facilities

An intimate room for you must have the facilities that give you a feeling of “home away from home” – your room is provided with various facilities, for any necessities you may have. And if we forgot about anything, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues, at the reception desk.

Small snacks and drinks are available within reach for those nights when your room is just too comfy to go out.
Air conditioning
Be comfortable – cool down or heat up, instructions are available in the room. Everything is set!
Bathroom products
You can leave your cosmetic products home – the bathroom is waiting for you with bio products, because we respect the Delta.
You do not need to carry extra luggage, so the rooms are also equipped with a hairdryer.
Small or large clean towels, changed by request. If needed, we can also provide extra towels. We are here for you!
Store your clothes in ideal conditions, in the bamboo wardrobes, on the wooden hangers!
Cable TV
We invite you to spend as much time outdoors as possible, but you may want to watch the news at night, before going to sleep.

We have prepared a selection of photos from various angles, for you to picture the double room. If we convinced you, check the availability of this room!

Your first visit to GreenVillage can start right here by going to the virtual tour.

Discover the main areas, the restaurant, the brasserie, the pool and the SPA!

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