For your family holidays, couple getaways, or a fun vacation spent with friends, you have at least 99 reasons to come to the Danube Delta!

You will have a lot of peace during the holidays. You can only get to Sfântu Gheorghe by boat, so you can forget about everything that comes with urban or interurban traffic. In addition, in this small village located near the place where the Danube meets the Black Sea, you will meet explorers, as we call them, who are looking for the same thing: moments of peacefulness.

You can turn your vacation into an exploration expedition. The Danube Delta is the youngest territory in Romania and is constantly changing. Whenever you will come, Delta will have something new to show you. A new generation of birds, and different access roads on the Danube canals as a result of the movement of the plates or the appearance of dolphins in the sea. Especially for the youngest explorers, a visit to the Danube Delta will be the subject of their stories for a long time!

You can enjoy a holiday by the sea and in the Delta during the same stay. The village of Sfântu Gheorghe has access to the sea, and here you will find 30 kilometers of wild beach with magnificent sand. If you want to go on a romantic vacation, in which you are the only two on the beach, Sfântu Gheorghe is the ideal place. The smooth entrance to the sea and the empty beach make it suitable for families with children of all ages. Parents can supervise their juniors more relaxed.

You will have a culinary feast. Throughout the Danube Delta, you will be able to taste various dishes made according to recipes borrowed from the people of the Delta. Cheese pies that you will not be able to stop eating, plates with fish caught early in the morning, and generous portions of shells that you will want to order every single day!

You can continue your sports routine. You can explore the Danube’s canals in a kayak, you can go for a spin on a rented bike, or you can practice yoga by the lake. At Green Village 4 * Resort, we offer you a fitness room where you can continue your daily exercise routine, you can move your sessions on the pontoons arranged in the resort or even on the beach.

You can dedicate yourself 100% to relaxation. In a setting of total tranquility, you can immerse yourself in a tub hidden under the willow branches, right after a well-deserved massage session. You can greet the sunset with a relaxing pilates session and let’s not forget the empty beach where you will only hear seagulls.

Choose a room in the quietest place in the resort. At Green Village 4 * Resort we have set up an Adults-Only area located near the arrival bridge. The two villas present here each have 10 double rooms, each with a small terrace overlooking the garden or the Danube canals. With a jacuzzi with pontoon and sunbeds waiting for you to relax in a moment of total relaxation!

In the Delta, you can explore the nature reserves located on a boat trip away. From Sfântu Gheorghe you can start to the most famous reservations: Letea Forest, Caraoman Forest, to Sulina or Gura Portiței.

This summer, you have 99 reasons to come to the Danube Delta. We are waiting for you at Green Village 4 * Resort, in Sfântu Gheorghe!