At Easter, we reopened the resort and began a new season of exploration. In spring and summer, you can meet 350 species of birds in the Danube Delta.

The curly pelican (Pelecanus Crispus) is a large bird species (with a wingspan between 245 – 351 cm and a body length between 160 – 180 cm) and a distinctive sign: it has ruffled feathers, also known as the crested pelican, as opposed to the common pelican, which has smaller feathers. The curly pelican has gray plumage and a red beak (a bright red).

The shoveler (Platalea leucrodia) is a small bird species (with a body length between 80-93 cm and a wingspan between 120-135 cm). The shoveler has all white plumage and the distinguishing mark is the beak, which brings a spoon/shovel (black in color).

The great egret (Ardea alba) is a species of heron, with all white plumage. Body length is 85-100 cm, wingspan is between 145-170 cm. The beak is long, yellow (in the nesting period) and black in the breeding period. The legs are black, unlike the little egret (which has a black bill and legs).

The mallard (Spatula querquedula) is a small bird species that has a distinguishing mark: a white stripe in males and brown in females. The mallard is 34–41 cm long (almost as long as a pigeon).

The pond hen (Galinulla chloropus) is a small bird species (body length is 30-38 cm, wingspan 50-55 cm), with a black-brown plumage, a red beak with a yellow tip. The moorhen can be seen from the Green Village gazebo and bridge.

The large crocodile (Podiceps cristatus) is distinguished by the tuft of orange color on the side and black on the top of the head that resembles a fan. The large crocodile has a body length of 46-51 cm with a wingspan of 59-73 cm.

The yellow heron (Ardeola ralloides) is a small heron species (body length is 40-49 cm and wingspan is between 71-86 cm). The specific plumage is yellow on the wings, white on the chest and darker feathers on the back.

The gypsy (Plegadis falcinellus) is a medium-sized bird species. It is distinguished by its green plumage with a metallic reflection and its long, downward-curving beak. The gypsy has a body length of 55-65 cm and a wingspan of 88-105 cm.

Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) is a very small bird species (body length is 10-12 cm). The plumage is very colorful, with the top of the head, wings and tail blue, the back greenish and the abdomen yellow. The cheeks are white except for a thin black band over the eye.

The reed warbler (Panurus biarmicus) is a small bird (body length is 14.5 – 17 cm), with black plumage, with an orange-yellow beak (males) or completely dark brown in females. The distinguishing mark is the black plumage below the eyes, in the shape of a triangle, contrasting with the rest of the head, which is light grey.

This summer, we are waiting for you in the Danube Delta to start exploring, on the Danube canals, where you can meet over 350 species of birds!