Birds are fascinating at any age, from two to ninety. Bird watching is a hobby suitable for all ages and calls upon knowledge of biology, geography and mathematics.

We can observe birds from anywhere, from the kitchen, in the parks of our city or in the Danube Delta, where more than 350 species of birds are present.

This activity encourages slowing down to look and listen carefully – a good thing for all of us!

Here are some simple steps that can help you get the little ones involved in the hobby of bird watching.

Spark their interest with a book about birds

Before a trip to the Danube Delta or the first bird-watching sessions, you can start familiarizing the children with the different species of birds with the help of profile books, boards or films presenting the birds of the areas you are going to visit.

Start with common birds

Bird watching becomes more interesting and rewarding when you know what you’re looking at. Identifying the species near the school or those you encounter every day can be a good start for little explorers.

Go on a bird watching walk

The purpose of this walk in the park, in the neighborhood where you live or in the community around the house, will be to identify the birds that you meet, to encourage the little ones to identify the differences between the males and females of the observed species. Once home, the little ones can draw the birds they have seen.

Count the birds observed

With the help of boards, the little ones can document the birds observed on your walks. The boards can contain common bird species and some of your future travels, such as those specific to the Danube Delta.

Familiarize yourself with specific bird sounds

Identifying a bird by its own song is a great joy. It can often be easier to hear birds than to see them, and even very young children can learn to listen and identify birdsong. You will find hearing boards on the website of the Romanian Ornithological Society.

Practice bird watching with binoculars

While using binoculars can be challenging for children, having specialty tools can go a long way to making your birding experience a success. A pair of baby binoculars can be a good start. In the Danube Delta, they are also suitable for boat trips on the Danube channels, because they are light and can be handled more easily.

Build a bird feeder together

You will find more details on how to build a bird feeder here. This stage can be accompanied by providing information about bird migration, the difference between nesting and wintering, as well as the places where the most bird species can be seen, the Danube Delta.

Play bird bingo

We love a good game of bingo to build knowledge and spark interest in a given topic. After you play, try to see some of the birds in real life!

Treasure hunt

“Birding” is a game with a specific goal: To see as many birds as possible. For some children, counting from zero to an arbitrary number – 5 different types of birds, for example, or 20 birds in one outing – will be enough to stay focused and have fun.

We are waiting for you in the Danube Delta to practice your new knowledge in bird watching, together with the little explorers.