Hi, we are Green Village 4 * Resort and we love the Danube Delta and its people! Those who live here, those who come to visit her and tell her “how are the things going in the city”, those who enjoy the few hours spent on the beach in peace and, especially, those who cheer us up during the holiday season after season.

The 4 * Green Village Resort in the Danube Delta was drawn, built and designed with nature in mind. The range of colors, materials and architecture all try to include this place as easily as possible in the local landscape. All buildings have a wooden façade, a thatched roof (only the entertainment center is covered with traditional tiles), bamboo or other natural furniture and a maximum of one floor (main floor + 1).

Our resort is divided into 3 distinct areas that we will visit, virtually, in the following articles.

The Lebăda and Pelicanul area is the central point of the resort, where you will find the facilities made available to all our tourists and double rooms or 2-room apartments.

Thus, for dining we will be waiting for you in the Waterlily restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or in the Laguna Brasserie restaurant (only for a Mediterranean lunch or dinner).

For a moment of relaxation, pampering or rearrangement of thoughts you can stop for a while in the cottage that houses a massage parlor and 2 dry saunas. You can easily identify it: it is a house with a thatched roof and a wooden pontoon, located next to the water, in front of the restaurant. And near it we have placed a tub that you can enjoy whenever you want.

For children, we have set up a playground in the garden, near the pool and in the Turtle Kids Club, an indoor space in the Lebăda and Pelicanul area. Every summer our energetic and enthusiastic entertainers will find new games and recreational activities for the children who visit us.

Also for the little explorers and for our guests of all ages we offer the Entertainment Center which includes 3 cinemas that can be used as conference rooms, a wide range of games, a pool table and a ping pong table. A movie is running in cinemas every day: one for children and one for all ages (only during the ANONIMUL festival we run movies from morning to night!).

The pool, which we mentioned before, is located right next to the reeds, willows, water lilies and the song of the birds.

And from place to place we have arranged pontoons from which you can admire, catch and release the fish that live quietly in the waters of the Danube.

What else can you do in the Lebăda and Pelicanul area? You can admire the most beautiful Delta sunset from the terrace of your room or you can take a selfie in our beautiful bungalows. Here you can book a double room or a 2-room apartment in a bungalow. The rooms in the attic are the favorites of our tourists.

We are waiting for you this summer at Green Village 4 * Resort to show you the most Instagramable places in the resort: the gazebo and the bridge.