Imagine you are on the beach again! Summer is back, you are on vacation, and today is your first day on the beach in Sfântu Gheorghe.

It’s a pleasant start to the day, the sun is still soft, the wonderful sand tickles your feet, and all around you are seagulls looking for breakfast.

30 kilometers of wild beach await you in Sfântu Gheorghe, very little landscaped (at the entrance of the village there is an area landscaped with beach chairs and umbrellas, which you can rent from local merchants).

At one end is Sulina, after a road of about 30 km, and at the other is the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. A must-see meeting every time you visit Sfântu Gheorghe. The way the 2 waters merge, and the play of colors (Danube green with dark blue, even gray on some days) is a spectacle that will pleasantly impress you, whenever you enjoy it.

You can reach the mouth directly from the beach after a 15-20 minute drive or by boat from the Danube in an hour-long trip (round trip).

While we’re still on the topic of boat trips, we believe that your vacation in the Danube Delta will only be complete once you’ve set off exploring by boat or kayak. This is the only way you can meet the birds of the Delta in their natural environment, you can observe the changes that the Danube Delta goes through every season and you can enjoy beautiful days of exploration in the most beautiful place in Romania.

The most sought-after trips are those to the Letea Forest, the Caraoman Forest, and the one that reaches Sacalin Island, Natural Reserve. 

On your vacation days, you can add leisurely walks in the village of Sfântu Gheorghe to your daily schedule. The village lives in a special place, where things happen slowly, without haste. In fact, this is how we urge you to live your vacation in the Danube Delta. Slow and meaningful, without the daily rush we are all used to.

That may be why the road to the beach is winding, as are the paths in the resort, to slow down the pace of the explorer. The explorer will set aside time to admire the birds encountered on the way, birds that he documented before arriving in the Danube Delta. Explorers are the ones who know that the Danube Delta is more than a beach destination. Every day spent in the Danube Delta is an excellent opportunity to explore, step into new territories and learn something new.

For example, the medium-sized birds that are heard every morning in the resort, with variegated plumage (black and gray) are called starlings, or the small and lively birds that you can always see at the water’s edge, in a continuous race with the waves of the sea, they are called white cod. Or that the common pelican has a brother, the curly pelican, whose colony has the largest population in Romania.

In your excursions in the Danube Delta, choose to pay attention to nature, enjoy everything that Sfântu Gheorghe has to offer you at its own pace, slowly and with meaning, step on new territories and keep the experiences in your soul, until the next one visit!

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