When you’ve booked a stay at Green Village for the upcoming summer season, the months fly by. We’re already thinking about a summer in the Danube Delta.

Summer is the busiest season for birds in the Danube Delta

Then you’ll be able to watch huge flocks of common and chalk pelicans fishing, especially near Sacalin Island, home to the largest pelican community in the Danube Delta. We organize boat trips to Sacalin Island throughout the season.

Large and small egrets and grey wrasses can be seen throughout trips on the Danube arms, they usually hang out near the beaches and banks of the Danube.

In the summer, the swans, ducks, and wild geese have juveniles in their care, whose flying lessons can be watched from the shore.

With a lot of patience and the help of the people of the Delta, who know all the places where the most beautiful birds can be spotted, you can meet the blue gull, the black-headed gull, the yellow-billed godwit, the yellow-breasted godwit, the gypsy moorhen, the evening wigeon or the wagtail.

And on the beach in Sfântu Gheorghe you will always see white-crowned grebes, little cormorants, and pelicans, especially at the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea.

In summer you can visit the Natural Reservations in the Danube Delta

In summer you can visit the Caraorman Forest and Letea Forest Nature Reservations.

In the Caraorman Forest, you can admire ancient trees (the oldest is estimated to be 400 years old). On your walks through the Caraorman Forest, you can meet river otters, rabbits, wild horses, little hornbills, vultures, common ravens, or black woodpeckers.

The area is also known for its shifting sand dunes and sea grinds.

The Letea Forest is the oldest nature reserve in the country and has been protected since 1938. The Letea Forest is also the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe.

Here you can walk among the vines, and admire wild orchids and centuries-old oaks with stems up to 2 metres in circumference.

Up to 3000 species of animals have been identified in the Letea Forest. Here you can find the sand lizard and the steppe adder, the wood pigeon, the turtle dove, the barn owl, the coot, the great spotted woodpecker, the red-tailed eagle, the evening falcon, the pupa, the woodcock and the robin.

You can visit Sfântu Gheorghe or Sulina

Every time you visit Sfăntu Gheorghe you will find something different. The flower-filled gardens will make you smile, the colorful houses will make their way into your phone’s memory, and the sea will always be a muse during your stay at Green Village 4* Resort.

Book a trip to Sulina town by the sea. The bravest can reach the coastline which measures almost 30 kilometers.

In Sulina there are many unique sights in the country or in Europe: the Old Lighthouse (European Danube Commission Lighthouse), the New Lighthouse, the cosmopolitan cemetery, and the European Danube Commission Palace.

You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the wild beach in Sfântu Gheorghe

In Sfântu Gheorghe you will find probably the most beautiful beach in Romania. The fine sand, the proximity to the mouth of the Danube (from where you can watch the sunset), dozens of kilometers of undeveloped beach, the smooth entrance to the sea, and the total tranquillity make this place loved by thousands of tourists who visit it year after year.

The beach in Sfântu Gheorghe is the perfect place for the first swimming lessons or for the little ones to get used to the sea. I wrote more about how to prepare children for swimming in the sea in this article.

Next summer, we will be waiting for you in the most beautiful place in Romania: in the Danube Delta, Sfântu Gheorghe, at Green Village 4* Resort.