Is it your first time in a kayak? No problem: it’s easy to get started. In this article you’ll find some tips from kayaking experts and lovers of the sport. You’ll learn how to prepare before every kayak race and what the basic moves are! It’s really easy, we assure you.

Most likely you won’t buy a kayak from the very first laps. At Green Village 4* Resort you can rent a kayak to take you safely along the Danube canals. Don’t forget, a vest is compulsory throughout the kayak trip.

Equipment needed for kayaking tours

For a successful kayaking trip you will need a kayak that is right for you, you can choose between a single person kayak, a 2-3 person kayak if you want to have a co-pilot, an inflatable kayak, a covered kayak or an open kayak. A vest is compulsory, we recommend adding a helmet to your list of protective equipment. You’ll also need a paddle to help you steer, change speed and move in the direction you want to go.

Appropriate clothing for a kayaking trip 

Wll be the same as for a trip in warm weather and warm water: a swimsuit or shorts (not cotton and not binding), a short or long-sleeved t-shirt (any non-cotton t-shirt will do), neoprene footwear (available at specialist shops), a hat that protects you from the sun, a light fleece jacket or vest (depending on the weather), waterproof jacket and trousers (depending on the weather).

Personal items to take with you on a kayaking trip: 

Pack a backpack with: plenty of water, snacks for energy, plus a lunch for longer trips, sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses (with goggles for retention), first aid kit, signal whistle, clock (so you can give yourself enough time to get back), headlamp (in case the return trip will be slower), sealed bags (for things you don’t want to get wet).

How to adjust your kayak

A properly adjusted kayak will be more stable and comfortable to paddle. Take care of your kayak’s trim while it’s on land and focus on three points of contact:

  • The back of the kayak. To adjust the kayak, sit on the back support in as upright a position as possible. If your boat allows you to fine-tune the angle of the seat or backrest, find a position that is as comfortable as possible. However, for balance and strength, you should sit more upright.
  • Footrests. Sit with the balls of your feet on the footrests; then check that your knees are slightly bent. Most footrests adjust by tilting and sliding them along a rail to predetermined stopping points. It’s often easier to get out of the boat to slide the footrests.
  • Cockpit. Make sure your bent knees are in firm contact with each side of the cockpit. This helps you control the sideways movement of the boat as you paddle. The suit should be tight, but not so tight that you can’t get out if you capsize.

Tips for your first kayaking trip

  • Choose an area with shallow, calm water. Lakes or ponds with little or no motorboat traffic are ideal.
  • Find a gently sloping sandy beach (like the beach in Sfântu Gheorghe) for launching. Steep, marshy and rocky shores will be more difficult.
  • Go on a sunny, windless day. You’ll avoid complications and be comfortable.
  • If it’s windy, start by rowing upwind. Paddling against the headwind on the return leg is a struggle; paddling with a tailwind is, well, a reward.
  • Plan a trip, not an expedition. For the optimum ratio of fun to fatigue, don’t exceed two hours of paddling.

We’re waiting for you in the Danube Delta for your first kayak trips!