Every summer day should be a holiday! As the song from Vama Veche said, “our only escape is to remain on the seaside.”

Even if we can’t all move to the sea, we can organize as many getaways as possible in places with beaches and sun.

We’ll tell you a secret: in Sfântu Gheorghe, 30 km of wild beach, peace, and a comforting sun are waiting for you (which seems to smile more beautifully than in the city). We believe the Danube Delta is the perfect place to spend scorching summer days, especially during the week.

We have selected TOP 9 reasons to visit us during the week

1. The weekend lasts only 2 days

Seriously, we checked the calendar, and the weekend is only counted for Saturday and Sunday. We believe that the seaside deserves to be worshiped for several days. And during the week you will find 5 full days in which to enjoy everything that a vacation at sea means!

2. The accommodation will cost less

For holidays with a stay during the week (Sunday – Thursday), we will offer you a lower rate than the weekend one. More holidays at a lower rate. Now it looks like the sun is shining brighter, right?

3. You will arrive here faster!

Yes, we will also discuss this sensitive topic: traffic! And if the above reasons did not convince you to book a holiday during the week, we believe that this argument will make it: during the week the traffic is lighter than on the last days of the week. Just remember the hours spent queuing on the highway on your past visits to the sea!

4. You can send pictures to your friends on vacation

While all your colleagues/friends are working, you can send them snapshots from the pool, from the beach, successful photos with the birds of the Delta, with you in the bucket… And the list can go on, as long as a week!

5. Book the type of room you want, not just what’s left

It’s no secret that of all the rooms, the premium ones are reserved first. These are the rooms with 56 sqm, located in the attic, adored by all our tourists. And for the stays during the week you will have more chances to find them available!

6. You will see more birds

We are convinced that the birds from the Danube Delta, like us, are trying to solve as many tasks as possible in the 2 days off at the end of the week. Therefore, during the week you will be able to observe more birds than on the weekend. You will find them at home, relaxed, and ready to be the subject of your photo sessions.

7. There are fewer boats on the Danube’s canals

And you will be able to admire the birds of the Danube Delta in complete silence. Less heavy traffic encourages the appearance of birds in places accessible by boats.

8. The resort’s facilities are less busier

Throughout the summer, our resort is full house every weekend. All 89 rooms, with a capacity of up to 200 people, are occupied. If you want a quieter stay, where you can enjoy massage sessions followed by moments of relaxation in one of our pubs during the time you choose, we encourage you to book a vacation during the week.

9. You will see dolphins at sea

I agreed with them that during the week they would appear near the beach in Sfântu Gheorghe more often. A wonderful experience reserved just for you. What could be more beautiful?

This summer, choose a stay during the week and come and enjoy in peace everything the Danube Delta has to show you. We look forward to seeing you at home, at Green Village 4 * Resort!