There are places an explorer must go at least once in his life. Places that are home to cultures totally different from the familiar. Places where nature is spectacular and diversity has made its mark not just on customs but on life.

You will find such a place in the Danube Delta, in Sfântu Gheorghe, where Europe’s youngest land awaits you.

What can you do on holiday in the Danube Delta?

You can explore the Delta on a boat trip. The Danube Delta is the best-preserved delta in the world and the second largest in Europe. It has the largest expanse of reed beds in the world and is the largest wetland reserve in Europe. And these are just a few of the many things you can discover and explore here.

You can enjoy a holiday by the sea and in the Delta on the same holiday. In Sfântu Gheorghe you’ll find miles of wild beach, with no sun loungers, no umbrellas, no music blaring from terraces, and no blocks. Instead, you’ll find fine sand, a silence that will be interrupted by the sound of seagulls and waves, a memorable sunrise from the sea, and an incredible sunset over the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. The smooth entry into the sea makes this spot ideal for families with young children.

You can visit the Caraorman Forest and the Letea Forest. In the Caraorman Forest, our guides will introduce you to the centuries-old oaks, over 400 years old. The Dark Forest, as it might be called in Turkish (kara orman), is one of the strictly protected areas in the Delta included in our list of boat trips. Romania’s oldest Nature Reserve, the Letea Forest will make you forget you’re in Romania for a moment. Letea is marked on the world map as the northernmost Subtropical Forest, boasting a number of orchid species and Greek lianas, which are specific to this place.

Once in Sfântu Gheorghe, you’ll be drawn to Sacalin Island, where you’ll see the largest colony of Cretan pelicans.

You can venture out to conquer the Danube canals in a kayak or boast fabulous catches from fishing sessions during the bass, pike, and carp season.

You can (re)discover the village of Sfântu Gheorghe. With its sand-covered alleyways, colourful reed-roofed houses, water holes where Delta birds hide and fishing boats moored on the quays, Sfântu Gheorghe is, for us, timeless.

You can enjoy a relaxing stay at the Green Village 4* Resort. Green Village 4* Resort is only accessible by boat. Once here, you’ll forget about traffic, cars driving past, or unnecessary honking. Instead, you can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet, moments of rest to listen to the birds’ rustle. Our resort is laid out like a small village, with small villas and reed-roofed bungalows set on 30,000 square metres of land near the Danube canals. The generous garden, waterfront gazebos, and room terraces invite you to relax.

After a day of exploring, we invite you to evenings spent in the light of the sunset, on the banks of the Danube, tasting Mediterranean delights and plenty of fish accompanied by the house wine, Blush, Sunset, or Dawn.

On your next visit to the Danube Delta, we look forward to welcoming you at the Green Village 4* Resort.