Be an explorer this fall as well

The milder temperatures, the silence in the village of Sfântu Gheorghe and the hustle and bustle of birds preparing for the Great Migration are some reasons to come this autumn to the Danube Delta. Mai mult

Relax, you are on holiday!

Allow yourself to relax in peace during your Delta vacation at Green Village 4 * Resort.

Spend a lot of time in nature, in peace, choose everything that catches your eye from the restaurant menu and pamper yourself with a massage session at Lotus SPA. Mai mult

A place dedicated to explorers: Stârcul Alb Area

A small house on the lake, surrounded by willows and shrubs with colorful flowers in which starlings and blackbirds rest. A villa overlooking the flowering water lilies flattered by the sun’s rays. The bungalows and villas in the Stârcul Alb area can be described as such. Mai mult

A place dedicated to explorers: Lebada&Pelicanul Area

Hi, we are Green Village 4 * Resort and we love the Danube Delta and its people! Those who live here, those who come to visit her and tell her “how are the things going in the city”, those who enjoy the few hours spent on the beach in peace and, especially, those who cheer us up during the holiday season after season. Mai mult