Discreetly protected from the natural resort commotion, the organic garden reveals itself to the curious guests, from behind a wooden gate, which reads “Organic Garden”.

The lots are planted with vegetables and herbs, which we use to prepare the food at the restaurant or the brasserie.

We use mint leaves to refresh the drinks served in the Laguna Brasserie. Fresh, as it should be!
Ripe and appetizing, the tomatoes in our garden have an unique ability to bring Green Village Resort’s special flavor to any salad.
Freshly picked from the garden, the carrot goes straight in a delicious chicken soup, that will later be served nice and warm.
Parsley and dill
We sprinkle finely chopped herbs over steaks, which we serve with a glass of wine.
Another key ingredient for a perfect salad. Cut into slices or cubes, radishes bring a sp
Bell pepper
A vegetable with authentic tenderness, which hydrates you even on the hottest summer days.
One of the most fragrant herbs, thyme is served both fresh and dried. Both forms are perfect for what is being prepared in the kitchen.
Cucumbers contain 95% water, and this makes them the perfect ingredient for any summer salad or gin-based cocktail.

We took a few shots of our sunbathed organic garden and of the team taking care of it. Have a look and let the green of the garden fill your eyes.

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