We’re gearing up for a new exploration season and are already considering our vacation days. About your holiday in the Danube Delta, we wrote here and here. In this article, you will find useful tips and information about hiking in Dobrogea.

Dobrogea is one of the oldest areas in Romania geologically, here you can find the Macin Mountains, the oldest mountain formations in Romania. They were formed in the second part of the Paleozoic (300 – 400 million years ago).

Which destinations do we recommend for your hikes in Dobrogea?

Macin Mountains

Currently, the Măcin Mountains have a maximum height of 467 m (Vârful Țuțuiatul), being very accessible for day hikes for explorers of all ages (they are a good option even for the first experiences of young explorers).

Once in the Măcin Mountains, we recommend keeping an eye out for the Dobrogea tortoise (a monument to nature, declared an endangered species) and the most gentle Romanian peonies (also declared a monument to nature). Another particularity of this area is its unique beech forests.

In the Măcin Mountains, there are 11 tourist trails on an area of 11,000 hectares.

Dobrogea Gorge

This area was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds in 2007. In Cheile Dobrogei you can visit Gura Dobrogei Nature Reserve, La Adam Cave and Gura Dobrogei Cave.

The Cheile Dobrogei is home to several birds, some of which are protected by law: blue gull, barn owl, reed warbler, black jay, black-crowned chickadee, and green woodpecker.

Dobrogea’s gorges impress with their karst landscape, the skeletons of coral colonies can be seen on the walls of the gorges. The Dobrogea gorges have areas formed in the Jurassic period. Fossils of prehistoric animals such as mammoths have been discovered here.

Babadag Forest – Codru

The road to Murighiol, where you will find the Green Village pontoon, will take you to the Babadag-Codru Forest, a protected area of national interest, included in the Danube Delta National Park (biosphere reserve) on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Here you can also admire the Romanian peony (a natural monument), as well as other rare plants: silver linden, misty oak, or crested pine.

Before setting off on a hike, make sure you’re equipped with the 10 essentials, that you have all your batteries charged, and for your phone, an external battery can be a big help. A physical map of the area is also recommended, in reserves there may be places where you won’t have a signal. And perhaps most importantly, make sure you have enough water and healthy snacks.

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